Top Recommended Schools in Kent

Finding some of the best schools in the Kent area doesn’t have to be that hard. There may be no need to trudge around every single establishment in the county if you visit our site, read up a little and do your homework.

Of course we do recommend that you visit a handful of the best suited schools for your final choice but everything that we give you here should help you narrow your search down very early on.

You may not be able to make a choice from the small amount of schools we have listed below but you may be able to see the types of criteria you are after from the information we have included. We hope to get your synapses firing, get your brain ticking over, so that you can then make a well educated decision and send your child to the perfect private, public or grammar school.

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According to results published in the Private Schools Directory, in excess of 80% of pupils who attend private schools obtain 5 or more GCSE pass grades of A* to C.  The national average is 45%.  More than 85% of A-level private school pupils obtain 3 or more passes.  The national average is 63%.  These statistics are the reason why many parents are willing to spend the huge amounts of money that it costs to provide their child with a private school education.

It is not only the academic success of private schools that attracts the parents and pupils, the fact that these schools also offer traditional values and smaller classes is reason enough to want to send your child there.

If you reside in Kent, you will be happy to know that the area boasts around 72 private schools.  There are private schools that would meet the approval of most parents and pupils alike.

Bethany School

Bethany School is a day and boarding school catering for pupils between the ages of 11 and 18.  The school was founded in 1866, by Rev. Joseph Kendon.  This co-educational school is set on 60 acres in the heart of the beautiful Kent countryside.

Bethany School Kent

Bethany School Kent

Pupils, day and boarding, are each allocated to one of the six Houses.  The House is managed by a Housemistress and Housemaster, who live on-site with their families.  There is a resident nurse who provides 24-hour medical cover through the school’s Medical Centre.

Open Mornings are held annually during February and September.  Thereafter, the parents and student will be required to follow up with an individual tour and meeting with the Headmaster.  For those who are unable to join the scheduled Open Days, there is the facility to arrange an appointment for a visit at a time that suits you.

Entrance assessments need to be undertaken, and are held during September and November.  The entrance assessments comprise five elements.  These are mathematics, spelling, reading comprehension, free writing and non-verbal reasoning.

St Lawrence College

St Lawrence College is located in Ramsgate, in a spacious, safe campus.  It is a short walk from the ocean.  The school caters for pupils ranging in age from 3 to 18.  It provides continued education through nursery, junior or senior school.  The school houses about 480 day and boarding pupils, from international and local families.  The school is large enough to offer a range of subjects, skills and activities, yet small enough to treat each pupil as an individual, giving them the attention that they need to flourish and excel.

St Lawrence College Kent

St Lawrence College Kent

The school strives to:

  • Develop academic ambition and develop intellectual curiosity.
  • Forge strong relationships between parent, staff and pupils.
  • Enable pupils to use their own discretion.
  • Raise pupils’ performance to beyond what they perceive it to be.
  • Instil emotional maturity, personal responsibility, confidence and sensitivity to other’s needs.
  • Discover hidden talents and gifts.
  • Teach pupils to argue and communicate rationally and effectively, as well as to raise questions when in doubt.

The school comes with an excellent reputation both in the UK and abroad.

As stated at the beginning of this article we are not trying to narrow your choice down with the above schools. But we are hoping to display some of what the best educational organisations can offer you and your family. Hopefully we have given you plenty of food for thought that will now enable you to work towards selecting a great Kent Grammar School

The Benefits of Private Schooling

Here at our informative and growing site we like to give people more than just a list of private schools in the UK. We aim to help people choose the right type of education for themselves or their children. Often this can be the simple choice between a state or a private education. For some a standard state education can be the best choice but for most people with a budget to suit a private education is far more beneficial to all involved.

Take a look at the article below that will help you see some of the benefits you and your child will benefit from.

Private schooling has become a sought after option for many students and parents.  Parents from diverse backgrounds are opting to have their children educated privately and not surprisingly many of these parents often come from a private schooling background themselves.

Kent Private Education

Kent Private Education

Some of the main advantages linked to this type of education are the high academic standards, good disciplinary standards, excellent examination results, superiority of facilities, and the availability of a wide range of extra-curricular activities and sports.

The diversity and choice that is offered at private schools remains a great attraction for both prospective students and their parents.  Parents are able to choose ‘boys only’, ‘girls only’, or co-educational schools.  There is the choice of day schools or boarding schools.  Further choices include whether the school is situated in an urban or rural area; if the school is small or large, or if it offers a junior or senior level of education.

The fact that studies indicate that privately educated students obtain better grades and that 90% of privately educated graduates enter higher education facilities is not the only reason why parents wish to enrol their children.  There are many other reasons that contribute to their final decision.  Some of these include:

  • Small class sizes.  Some schools have as few as 10 students per class.  This allows for more individual attention.  It allows the teacher to integrate more fully with the students and to determine the particular needs of each student.
  • A wide choice of extra-curricular activities.  Drama, music, sport and other special activities are often standard at a private school.
  • Excellent facilities such as fully-equipped laboratories, fully-equipped gymnasiums and music auditoriums are offered.
  • Additional facilities for students with special needs.
  • High levels of discipline, as well as encouragement to excel.
  • Encouragement of a solid work ethic.
  • Specialisation of subjects geared toward a particular career is possible.
  • Religious parents can choose schools where their child will obtain the religious instruction that they would like them to have.

The decision to enrol a child at a private school is a major decision and should not be taken lightly.  The commitment to pay the fees for several years is important.  It is not recommended to disrupt a child’s education unnecessarily.

There are many establishments where a student can obtain their full education, from pre-primary to secondary.  These schools are ideal for students who do not like change as they will feel settled and comfortable within the environment.  The teachers generally get to know the students very well in this type of school as they have known them virtually all their lives.

The benefits of private schooling are influenced by the fact that many private schools are steeped in tradition.  The choice of school encompasses particular cultural and religious environments where focus is placed on the development of the individual.  Private schooling provides an excellent grounding for the challenges that their students will face in later life.  It is a known fact that students who graduate from with this type of education tend to be favoured in the job market.

Hopefully the above article will help you make the right decision and allow you to move forward and select the right school as soon as possible.

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Private School Education in Kent

Kent is a county located in the South East of England.  The location of this county has lead to it having a history as a front line in many conflicts between England and Continental Europe, however Kent is also viewed as the garden of England because of its many hop gardens and orchards.  A wonderful place to live and a great place for children and there is an abundance of private schools in the county.

Archaeological finds in many parts of the county have shown that this area has been occupied since the Palaeolithic era.  The name of this county was derived from the Brythonic word Cantus which means border or rim and relates to the location of the county.  In medieval times the county played a large role in many of the country’s most noticeable rebellions.

As Kent has a sea border it has been used by the Royal navy for many years.  The ports often housed shipyards and were the base for many of the Royal Navy’s patrols.  Smugglers used this coastline in later years to transport goods from England to France.

People moving to the area might worry about the climate and job industry.  The climate of this region is actually one of the warmest in Britain.  In fact, a hamlet in Kent was the location where the hottest temperature ever recorded in Britain was recorded.  As written earlier it is seen as the garden of England, but this does not mean that all the jobs are related to farming.  The north of the count is heavily industrialised with businesses ranging from cement-making to shipbuilding.  For those in the farming industry this is the main area for producing hazelnuts in the UK.

The education children can receive in Kent is also very good.  There are 4 universities in the county allowing a diverse range of courses.  There are also around 80 private schools in the county ranging from day schools to boarding schools.  This high number allows parents to find the perfect private school for their child.

Private schooling is an option that many parents look at to ensure their children are receiving the best education possible.  Many of the private schools in Kent offer high percentages of students who go on to university.  Many of these schools have long histories steeped in traditions which help children grow.

Some of the private schools in Kent only admit children who match a certain criteria.  Cranbrook school is a day and boarding school which only accepts children aged 13 to 18 and only has place for just over 700 students.  Wickham Court School is a day school with places for 110 students and they accept pupils aged 2 and a half to 16.  Some of the private schools in Kent have religious affiliations, like St Lawrence College and St Joseph’s Convent Prep School.  However, these schools will generally not limit intake to students who have the same religious affiliation.

Kent is a wonderful place for you and your family to live.  The economy is quite diverse and the education system boasts a number of private schools.  These schools range from day schools to boarding.